Coming Up - Open Day - 13th August 2016

The proposed date for the Open Day is Saturday 13th August.

The Open Day (also known as Chamare Day) is an annual celebration of the work of Kungoni Centre, which features the Kungoni Dance Troupe, dances contributed by people around the Mua area and a lot of Gule Wamkulu.

The culmination of the Open Day is a play, which this year will be inspired by the story of Kachirambe, who liberated his people by slaying the Pumpkin Monster.

Proceedings should start with an inculturated Mass at 8.30 a.m. and conclude mid-afternoon.

2016 is the fortieth anniversary of Kungoni Centre, so the Open Day will be especially memorable.

Please contact the Administrator for further information or to reserve accommodation at Namalikhate Village.


The Open Day is made available without charge to all comers and Kungoni Centre relies on private and corporate sponsorship to stage this important event.

If you would like to contribute to costs, please contact the Administrator.